Personally, I am not a big talker. I don’t feel the need to be talking 24/7. I grew up hearing the phrase “talk is cheap,” and that is what is instilled in the back of my mind. But while talk may be cheap, writing isn’t necessarily so. Putting pen to paper enables you to literally see your ideas in front of you, to reflect upon them, and to develop them further. I’m a huge believer in writing down goals and doing everything possible to achieve them. Speaking of writing things down, I always liked the idea of starting a blog – and I contemplated the idea various times over the past few years.  But truth be told, I’ve always been hesitant to start a blog because a part of me never wanted to risk having other people think I was trying to impose my beliefs on them; I didn’t want people to think that in publicizing my thoughts, I was basically saying, “My way or the highway.” But then I realized that if I were to start a blog, it wouldn’t have to be that way at all – it could simply be a place where I share my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs and invite others to do the same. It could be a platform for the exchange of interesting conversation as well as a place to learn from one another. And so this post marks the inception of my blog, “22sTwoCents.” In writing this blog, I intend to be honest, to share some of my own thoughts and ideas, elaborate on topics that are brought up, and ask thought provoking questions, while I’m on the road playing within the St. Louis Cardinals organization, and to provide some information into minor league baseball in general. One of my goals is to reach at least one person and have that person open his or her eyes to the fact that anything that he or she dreams up can be brought to life. I hope to share with people a little bit of my own story and –  though it’s not necessarily my intention – if people get motivated to go after their own dreams then that’s great. Thanks for following

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